Top Sci-Fi Reads

Today I met with Kevin Hanna from Alan Hanna’s Bookshop. He’s a self confessed sci-fi fanatic and in his own words loves “a good auld robot laser battle”. Here are his top sci-fi reads which can all be found on Pointy:

1. Songs of a Distant Earth – Arthur C. Clarke

book 1

Classic ‘hard’ science fiction, the forefather of almost every alien invasion film but maintains a constant realism when it comes to science and philosophy.

2. Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

book 2

An unadulterated trip down memory lane for anyone who touched the ’80s, however you don’t need to be 30+ to enjoy this one, or even get any of the pop references– it’s an addictive thriller set in a dystopian world, where VR is your gateway to a better life.

3. Ancillary Justice – Ann Leckie


Pure space opera (think Star Wars), featuring great characters and plenty of novel concepts to keep things interesting. The first episode in the Imperial Radch books – but could easily be read as a stand-a- lone.

4. Robopocalypse – Daniel Wilson

book 4

Not a very cerebral choice but very entertaining – think World War Z with hydraulics.

5. Nexus – Ramez Naa

book 5

Open source mind-controlling nano technology – what could possibly go wrong? This is the first in a trilogy, it is part techno-thriller, part spy novel, and entirely dystopian in its outlook on the near future.

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