Special Diets 101

Having a special dietary requirement can be really tough – especially when you can’t find the right foods. Luckily Pointy app is here to help! It’s really easy to use – just type the name of the product you’re looking for into the app and we’ll show you a whole list of local shops that sell it.

We’ve got a huge range of specialist foods to meet every dietary need you can imagine.

Download the app today and see if it can help you find something you’re looking for. 

1. Gluten Free 

With illnesses such as coeliac disease and IBS on the rise is seems we could all do with a little bit less gluten in our diet. And with so many great new food ranges on the market it couldn’t be easier to go gluten free. On the Pointy app you’ll find every gluten free food alternative you can think of from breads and flours to cooking sauces and beers. Some of our current favourite gluten free goodies includes Clonakilty Gluten Free Mini Puddings and Meridian Gluten Free Cooking Sauces.



gluten free

2. Vegan  

**Attention all vegans and dairy free dieters** The Pointy app has got you covered! Plant based milk? Dairy Free Chocolate? Vegan Friendly Cheese? You name it, we have. If you’re a chocaholic like me then you need to get your hands on some Nobo Salted Caramel Frozen Goodness – it is divine. And most importantly it’s completely dairy free.


3. Lactose Free 

So your body isn’t really loving the lactose? Fear not – we’ve got a whole range of lactose free products on Pointy! From lactose free baby milk formula to delicious ‘sheese’ you’ll find everything you need in the app.



4. Diabetic 

In Ireland alone there are nearly 200,000 people with diabetes and it’s growing all the time. We’ve got a huge range of products on the Pointy app which should make life that little bit easier for anyone who suffers from diabetes. Looking for some recipe inspiration? Check out our Diabetes cook books.


Find These Products in a Shop Near You

The Pointy app helps you find products in local shops.  If you are interested in finding these products then give the Pointy app a go – available for iPhone or Android.




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