Introducing “See What’s In Store”

Every day an increasing number for people are searching Google for information about local businesses. People are finding everything from restaurant and store opening hours, to products and services sold near them. Over the last two years (2015-2017) the number of people using the term “near me” in searches has grown by 900%. It has even surpassed searches for the weather!

In order to help local stores take advantage of this trend, we’ve launched a new tool in conjunction with Google. This free service is called “See What’s In Store”. It gives shoppers an additional way to discover what your store sells, directly on the Google search page.

You can see an example of how it works below.


If you’d like to see it in action, have a look at Talbots Toyland, a Pointy user who has been trialing the feature. It helps customers discover what you have in stock, and encourages them to visit your store.

We’ve been working with Google on this for a long time, and Pointy is one of the only companies currently offering this service.

To activate the “See What’s In Store” feature for your store, go to the “Link To Google” tab in your Pointy profile, and follow the steps.


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