Introducing The Cafflano Coffee Maker

Last week our Pointy retailer Stock Design sent us over the brand new Cafflano Klassic. This all-in-one portable pour over coffee maker is the first of its kind. Find out how you can WIN below! cafflano-klassic-featured-image

One of the best features of the Cafflano is that it’s very compact and can be brought everywhere. It consists of a coffee grinder with handmill, dripping kettle, dripper, server, filter and tumbler. This is all packed into one small unit which weighs 1lb in total.



The Cafflano Coffee Maker doesn’t require any batteries or electricity so it’s perfect for using at home, outdoors, at work or in the car. Check out this YouTube video on how to use the Cafflano:

WIN a Cafflano Coffee Maker!!

TO ENTER:  Download the Pointy App and search for ‘coffee maker’


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