The Ultimate Festival Survival Kit

It’s that time of year again – festival season! I caught up with Aneta in Remedi Pharmacy who recommended some must-have products for festival goers. All of the items mentioned are available on Pointy.

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1. Dioralyte


Often referred to as the hangover miracle cure. A sachet of this before you go to sleep will have you cartwheeling out of your sleeping bag the next day.

2. Plasters


Without a doubt there will be one or two minor injuries over the weekend, be it a scraped knee or cut finger. Be the hero who remembered to bring the plasters.

3. Mouthwash


You’ve been drinking for days and your diet consists of the finest chip van cuisine – a bit of mouthwash wouldn’t do you any harm.

4. Wipes, Wipes and More Wipes

baby wipes

The ultimate festival essential has to be a packet (or 10) of baby wipes. It’s basically the same as a shower, right?

5. Hand Sanitiser

hand gel

For when the port a loo runs out of soap after about an hour on the first day.

6. Deodorant


To mask the smell of cheap vodka and shame from the previous night’s antics.

7. Sun Cream 

sun cream

So we live in Ireland and the chances of us getting a bit of sun are fairly slim but we live in hope. Keep that milky pale skin protected – no one likes a lobster.

8. Dry Shampoo


It’s day three and you could fry eggs on your hair it’s that greasy – dry shampoo to the rescue.

9. Padlock


Keep prized possessions like your baked beans, baby wipes and toilet roll locked up – these items are like gold dust at festivals!

10. Ear Plugs and Eye Mask

If you’re planning to get your forty winks at a festival then these two items are essential. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll sleep!

You can WIN ALL the products in this list!

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